Personal Freedom Quotes

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List 4 examples of these motifs from the book. 1 Death A) Allan 's death Motivated Anne to commit suicide B) JS death encouraged David to forgive him for all that he has put him through, and put that chapter of his life behind him. C) Wanuk banishes people to the fringes out of fear (mass sterilizations) that their reproduction would lead to the death of the true Human Form. D) David, Rosalind and Petra fled to the fringes to prevent the death of their autonomy. 2 Lack of personal freedom A) Their lack of freedom motivates the group to strengthen their communications and further remove themselves from their society. B) As Individuals are forced to relinquish their deviant livestock and crop to the government, during high periods of deviation it would motivate unrest, as Individuals during this time would hoard them instead of surrendering them in order to have enough to eat and sell. C) Aunt…show more content…
D) Spider man 's cruelty anxiousness to fight his brother stems from the Idea that all that JS has should be his. As he was the Eldest had he not developed his mutation he would have inherited Wanuck from his brother, his life in the fringes cruely paralleling the life of his brother. As he is the leader of the fringes people, has a girlfriend but he is however unable to have children as all the women in his community are sterile. 9 Superstition A) Every region of the broken and post apocalyptic world that the Chrysalids is set in has their own idea of religion and grasp of their environment and the differences between them and their counterparts. These Ideas set into motion the culture they are going to develop, their rate of growth and their treatment of the Individuals within their society. Whether they divide themselves among their differences as in Wanuk, or unify as in Sealand. B) After giving birth to a third deviant child the woman has somehow failed, making herself Impure in the eyes of God and that she should repent for her
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