Personal Function: The Reflection Of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behaviour Reflection paper
The article shared by Disha emphasizes that it is very important to understand individual behaviour before we are able to understand organizational behaviour. As human being our personalities tend to determine our behaviour and our performance in an organization. Individuals’ personality to a great extent is one of the main factors which cause behaviour. Our persona that we portray in society and around friends may cause people to have an inaccurate image of whom we really are as an individual. In an organization we find people with different personality, people who are shy or aggressive in nature. Our personality usually determines why other individual will be impressed or even want to socialize with us after the first encounter. (Disha, 2016)

Although personality doesn’t have a single definition, it generally the factors make a person systematically and predictably different from one another. It is also the study of the person as an individual. In organization behaviour studies it deals with the way people interact with groups. Groups are made up of two or more individuals who share something in common, same interest, aim or purpose. This study of organizational behaviour is usually applied in an attempt to create more efficient organization. Individual personality does change and
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If all our personalities was the same the office would be less productive or motivation. I supervise eight individuals who all have their own personality and come from different culture. Organizational behaviour helps a lot in understand their personality and how it impacts the office. How to deal with each officer on a different basis due to their difference in personality. Understanding personality differences and organizational behaviour give you a new perspective on how to move the workplace to be more productive and
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