Personal Goals And Challenges

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The months of December and January have been full of new initiatives and ideas for the Senate, along with the encounter of many challenges. After reading my teams reports, I can report that there are mixed feelings on the Senate. The effort and energy that I have put into the Senate could be improved and possibly increase team morale. I believe there is potential for good for the Senate, and I am excited to discuss both the highlights and challenges of these two months. This report will detail and discuss three main topics throughout the month including my personal work and accomplishments, the work of each Senator, and the work of Elizabeth Henderson, the Senate Secretary and Outreach Coordinator. I have personally been extremely busy over the months of December and January. Outside of the Senate, I have had several personal goals and projects that have occupied large amounts of time. The month of December was very short and mostly just consisted of the regular tasks of the Senate. We had a wonderful Senate bonding event in January that was planned by Elizabeth and the senators all had a wonderful time. I think that we need to continue to push for bonding events because they are very essential. Midnight Breakfast also took place during December and was a great time to talk with students as they waited to go into the event. Personally, I have been working on my academic survey for all of my interaction time, outside of other requirements such as the elections survey, and
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