Personal Goals And Personal Statement: Computer Engineering

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My intended major is computer science and engineering. When I was very young, I always wanted to have a computer in order to play computer games. Once I owned a computer I realized that there are a lot of things you can do with computers besides gaming. This influenced me to want to get a job working with computers. I come from China, due to the Chinese educational background, all the knowledge was passed from the teacher to student, it turned out that I memorize a lot of theory, but I do not know how to apply to the real world. I am interested in science because it really helps me to think, to understand the principle of the world. When I go to college in the United States, I want to major in science since it is the same all over the world. When I enrolled in a general engineering course, the instructor gave us an assignment to build a Stirling Engine. The theory of this engine is external heat changes the temperature of the gas that increases the pressure to create energy. For the big project, several students developed into groups, we watched some videos at home, we discussed in the team. In class, we asked the instructor some suggestions. Although we did exactly the same things on the video, it just did not work. We tried so many times to build the engine, kept changing the weight of the displacer, and using different content for the displacer. Once we reduced the weight of the screw and nuts on the balloon, we got it to work. From that class, I learned how to build
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