My Goals Strengthen My Limits

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Goals The goals that I have set myself stretch my limits definitely. The goals stretch my limits because they are things that I have needed to work on. The specific goals chosen are weaknesses that I would like to strengthen and do better on. These goals help me grow as a person most definetly. These are things that will help me succeed in my career and make my life a lot easier. Making sure that tasks are done at work and accomplishing them on time might mean a promotion, a gift, or even an increase in pay. This goal fits in with the rest of my life because it does not just go for homework and school but every day I live. I want to do things ahead of time which gives me more time for myself, family, and friends. This goal fits into my career due to all the responsibilities I will have on the job.…show more content…
The things that I am striving for not only help me now but they can and will help in the future. My goal is also proactive as well. I know that it will be a process and I have to take things day by day. These goals are things I should have improved and took the initiative to improve. I will know that I am making progress based off of when I have homework, if I wait or do the assignment when given. I will know that I am making progress towards my goal by the things that I am doing with my time. I should make sure that the most important things are addressed and completed. The measure I will use to check my progress is by making a checklist. Planning the important task and writing them out in a list. When I make a schedule and finish one thing and move to the next to manage my time well. The time length it will take me to reach this goal is in a couple of months. To make sure I keep a steady pace so that I stay on track. I expect to successfully complete this goal when graduation time hits. This goal will be complete when I know that all my grades are in order. My deadline for this achievement is at the end of each

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