Essay On Professional Goals

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Everyone has goals. Some are realistic and some are imaginary. Goals are something that I like to keep personal, but some people like to have them public. Everyone has different goals and things that they want to accomplish. Goals are something that people look up to or use as an excuse to do well. Goals are something that should be looked at every day and be worked towards every day Academic goals are at the top of my goals list. My academic goals are to get a 4.0 and to get to know my teachers. A 4.0 will help me get looked at by a good college. Getting to know my teachers is going to help me when i don’t understand something or need help. The 4.0 will help me get a good job by looking at my grades and seeing that I am a good student.…show more content…
My professional goals are to major in teaching and to minor in interior design. I want to major in teaching because i have always wanted to become a teacher. I want to minor in interior design because i love to decorate and redecorate my room over and over again. Majoring in teaching has always been my lifelong professional dream. Interior design is something that has come to me more recently and I love it. I love watching those home remodel shows and thinking about what i would do with the house. Interior design lets you express your feelings in decor and design. My love for teaching and interior design is something that I hope comes true one day. My personal goals are something that I work on, on my freetime. My personal qare goals are to be nicer to my brother and to become closer to my friends. I want to be nicer to my brother because it’s easier to be nice than to be mean and upset. I want to become closer with my friends because we would all get along better. Resolving problems with my brother would overall make my whole family happier. Becoming closer with my friends is going to help get rid of the drama. My personal goals are important to me but my professional and academic goals matter
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