Computational Engineering Personal Statement

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Spending 14 years in –NAME of SCHOOL--- School new delhi, I have been privileged to have the exposure to ethnic, cultural and social diversity. It is renowned to be one of the largest and most prestigious institutions in the heart of the National Capital Region. Life as I have known, has been a quite a ride. I have made many mistakes, but more importantly I have grown by learning from these mistakes and from those of others. I’ve learnt that the answer to my destiny lies in creating the results that I desire.
During high school, I was awarded the “Scholar Badge” and was always among the top performers. Even in my graduation in the past 2 years, I volunteered to participate in different projects and have worked in teams. I have also organized
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I admire how your UNIVERSITY NAME interdisciplinary platform of education procreates different models, perspectives and paradigms from various disciplines. The methodology used in international education, to my understanding prepares a candidate to understand the practicality of implementing what one has gather than just retaining it. The core teaching imparted at your university is what I strive for, ‘to apply knowledge to real world scenarios utilizing different perspectives gained from multiple disciplines’.
I am passionate about my education and I believe proving it to myself was more important that proving it to others. I am confident that this focus will remain till I am growing, growing and learning is an ongoing process. I have made myself a promise to meet my expectations and contentment will never come in my path. I am determined to create the results I desire and I believe that your university is exactly the platform I need to achieve my
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