Personal Goals In Life

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In my life I have a lot of goals to successfully accomplish the first is my personal goal, educational goal, and career goal. My personal goal is to be married with three children by the age of thirty-eight, and build a nice house for my family. My educational goal is to finish getting my Bachelors degree in Computer Science from The University Of Central Florida, and then successfully finish my Masters Degree in Business Management in London England from University Of Westminster by the age of twenty-three. My career goal is to work for my father for ten years in his property development company, and then open my own property development company by the age of thirty-two. In overall my purpose in life is to become a successful business man with my own company married with children in my own home, and to have a masters degree. Firstly my personal goal in life is I see myself at the age of twenty-eight after a few years of working saved up enough money to get married. After getting married I hope to get my first kid by the age of thirty, and then I start to work on building a house for my family. I want my house to be a small house a house that will be big enough for five people, and then have a big garden with a beautiful fountain in the middle, different varieties of flowers, and a big swimming pool with a water slide. I hope by the age of thirty right I have three kids, and I hope to name my first son Shafeeq, which is my fathers name. I want my children to have a great
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