Personal Goals In Nursing

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Being knowledgeable in promoting a high quality of life and optimum health appealed to me. Mastering and understanding the body’s response to diet and exercise intrigued me. Studying the art and science of human anatomy and movement interested me, which resulted in choosing nursing as my career. UCI would be great for me because I am a dedicated achiever of my goals, and will finish the Master of Science in Nursing program with an open mind and a driven spirit. I am not afraid to make mistakes, as I have learned that they are the greatest opportunity for growth. I believe that hard work and a good attitude will get me far in this field and I am willing to take on the challenge of continuing my higher education. My experience while working with…show more content…
My passion is for people to have good health and for their positive well-being. Furthermore, nursing also calls for a great deal of time spent with patients, which will lead to a great relationship with them. I enjoy making relationships with people because it’s critical to accomplish strong connections in life. I want to be the nurse that people refer their family members and friends because I have great service, a caring heart, and enjoy teaching them how to live a healthy…show more content…
The CNL role aligns with my career goals, because it allows me to provide care across all settings and patient populations. I am aware that the duties of a CNL are challenging, as they are expected to lead with intelligence and creativity. It is the CNL’s responsibility to lead the microsystem, a small group of people who work together on a regular basis to provide care, whilst taking accountability for care outcomes. The leadership requirement for this position is an innate ability, and I know I would take it on effectively. Knowledge acquisition from evidence-based practice is necessary for the CNL to prepare for patient cases. My experience in the Aquatic Research Lab at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the Cognitive Science Lab at UCSD demonstrates that I have the skills to acquire evidence-based research. With entry to your Master of Science in Nursing program, I will be able to learn and obtain the ability to design, implement, and evaluate plans of
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