Personal Goals: Personal Statement Of A Personal Business Plan

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Personal Business Plan 1. Vision and opportunity After I leave my university, my main goal career-wise is to become a successful CEO at a large petrol company in the United Arab Emirates. My purpose is to become a valuable and contributing member of society that is capable of helping in the overall efforts towards progress and international success. Any purpose needs to be strongly cemented by values that we stay committed to. For me, these values are loyalty, dedication, hard-work, and faith. My ultimate mission in all of this is to come to a position of responsibility that involves pushing and contributing towards progress. In this sense, being a CEO of a huge petrol company would be the best way of achieving this underlying mission. In my pursuit of this important mission, I am often confronted with challenging issues and obstacles. I use three key question in order to guide my choices in such situations. The first question is, is this ethical? The second question is, does this have long-term benefits, and are the short-term benefits or drawback worth it? Finally, the third question is does this contribute to my main goals and missions in life? Whenever I ask myself these three questions when I am confronted with difficult choices, I immediately feel more confident in what the answer could be. Moreover, I believe these questions are fundamental enough that they will last me a lifetime in guiding my choices. The market and opportunity that coincides and aligns with

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