Personal Growth In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

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I believe in the value of personal growth and learning for yourself. Personal growth is assessing my skills and aiming for my goals in life without the help from others. Similar to Siddhartha, he ventures off on his own to find Nirvana from his own experience because you cannot learn it on your own. I personally grow every summer when my parents send me away to camps or colleges and I must learn values like responsibility, independence, and to ‘find myself’, which is my Nirvana. According to Siddhartha from the book “Siddhartha” written by Hermann Hesse, he expresses a value of personal growth and learning. In the Brahmin, he practiced the art of contemplation, service of mediation, but he is not satisfied with this. He started nursing discontent within himself and started feeling that no love from…show more content…
I must learn values like responsibility, independence, and find my true self. Ever since middle school, I was six to seven weeks surviving without my parents. During these weeks, I would personally grow into an adult because I would have to balance everything and For example, when it was my high school freshman year summer I went to a golf sleepaway academy for seven weeks living with three other girls in our apartment room with a schedule consisted of golf and social events. Since I was in high school at the time I had summer homework to finish before school started. Because of this I needed to balance my schedule of academics, golf, social life, and health/sleep. Including balancing my life, I became responsible by budgeting my money. Also, I’ve learned things about myself and grew as a person. Currently, these experiences help my personal growth because I assess them in college. In college, I can live without my parents and balance my lifestyles between academics and social. All my practical knowledge helped me grow into the person I am
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