Reflective Essay On Personal Health

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After finishing the personal health assessment in the textbook, pages 21-32, I was able to notice which areas I scored high in and where I scored low in. The top two areas I scored high in were, “Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use” with 83 points and “Social and Occupational Health” with 72 points. The two lowest areas I scored in and need the most improvement were, “Nutrition and Weight Management” with 47 points and “Stress Management” with 40 points. With the help of this assessment, the behavior change objective I would like to attempt for the next six weeks would be to limit fast food consumption to at most 3 times a week for six weeks. By attempting this objective, I am hoping to improve my health in terms of how I naturally feel and look, and…show more content…
For example, I would set a goal where I would have to eat a certain amount of healthy meals before I can a single fast food meal. I would have this system set for a couple of weeks, so I would get use to what I will be eating. Then I hope by week 3 or 4, I would not need to reward myself with fast food and can just eat healthy food all week. Potential barriers with this objective would be being tempted to go out and eat with friends and not knowing where we would go eat. Sometimes my friends would choose to go eat at fast food restaurants, such as In-N-Out or Wingstops and I would have to control myself on how many times I go out and eat with them on a weekly basis. I also tend to buy food when I am alone because I don’t have groceries to make food at home and there are some days where I would I get lazy and not want to make food or clean afterwards. Therefore, one major way I can overcome these problem is to meal prep lunch and dinner meals for the week. This way, when I go to school, I will have a lunch prep, so I don’t need to buy food and when I my friends asks me to go out and eat, I will have to decline because I will have food for me to

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