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My Personal History
My name is Amber Solomons. I was born on the 15th of January 1997. I am the eldest of two and I have lived with my parents for all my life.
I attended Heathfield primary school where I did ballet, athletics and cross country as my extra-mural activities. I really enjoyed cross country very much and continued to do it in high school. I attended Heathfield high for two years, which was my grade eight and nine years. I participated in a lot of sport as well such as athletics and cross country. After two years I then attended Zwaanswyk high school in 2012, where I finished my matric year in 2014. It was a big adjustment at first but I soon made many new friends. My school work was on average with the rest of my classmates.
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I continuously find myself favouring people of darker skin. I find it somehow easier to talk to them without feeling judged or afraid. My best friend, not surprisingly, is black. I met her in high school but I didn’t become friends her with because of her skin colour, she was a great person to be around. I only found out a year or two later that I felt more open and secure around black people. I got to know the black culture and learnt new and interesting things not only about the black culture but also about myself. My friends and I share a common bias and that could be why we understand each other. We don’t dislike or have a deep disdain for white people but we would just prefer to stay…show more content…
(early childhood Australia, 2013) To grow in my cultural competence I will interact with different races and different cultures. By doing this I will learn how to be more knowledgeable and confident. This will then give me the ability to talk and understand others much better. If I become culturally competent then I will be able to accept diversity and to also understand the advantages of diversity and have the skill to honour differences. (early childhood Australia,
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