Personal Identity In Iconic 80's Movie The Breakfast Club

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INTRO: Iconic 80’s movie The Breakfast Club is our inspiration for this dialogue. When this group of high school delinquents was assigned to write an essay during detention on who they were, the group sparks up the conversation of personal identity, ultimately discovering themselves. The scene opens with the students serving their detention sentences in the Library. BENDER: [to Claire] Hey pretty lady, what are you doing here. CLAIRE: Go gag on a spoon. If you MUST know, nothing major, just ditched to go shopping. BENDER: THAT’S IT?!?! I pulled the fire alarm, I was going to end up in here anyway. I’ll be here for the next six weeks[lounges in chair- to Brian] How’d you get here? I thought the only place you belonged was in the inside of my gym locker? BRIAN: [mumbles] I brought a flare gun to school. [BENDER laughs and rolls eyes] shyly hey, let’s just get this essay for Mr. Vernon over with. CLAIRE: I’m here, isn 't that punishment enough? Now we have to write an essay too? How am I supposed to know who I am? BRIAN: It 's easy, all it is, is an essay on personal identity. Who we really are, what makes you you. For example, I believe that we are our brains; it is where all our decisions are made, even the bad ones, like the ones that got us stuck here. So the good and bad in us is all in our brain, it is us. We are all our brains... CLAIRE: ...But we have never seen our brains, we know they are there, but if you took my brain out and your brain out and put

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