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Word Count (Body): 441 Title: Responsibilities of personal injury attorney Keyword(s): Personal Injury Attorney Body: There is a large portion of personal injury lawsuits that occurs in the U.S. state court systems. Personal injury law allows a person to get compensation from the opposition that is the cause of plaintiff harm. In American society personal injury cases are common. Throughout U.S. according to National Center for Health Statistics, there are as many as 31 million injuries occur to people every year. Furthermore, half of the tort trials are resulted from automobile accidents and plaintiffs won half the time. There are many types of accidents, however personal injury occur due to the negligence of the injurer. Depending on the damages the injurer may be held liable, the injured has the right to apply for compensation.…show more content…
As property owners have a duty to keep their premises free of hazards and safe so that the people living in that property do not become injured. Another kind of personal injury is dog bite for which the dog owner will be liable for the dog bite damages. However, the exact laws vary from state to state. Defamation such as slander and libel is another kind of personal injury to an individual’s reputation that causes from some untrue statement. Apart from all others there is an intentional tort that happens due to the intentional negligence or carelessness of the injurer such as one physically attacks another, etc. Responsibilities of a personal injury attorney If one wants justice immediately then seeking help from a personal injury attorney is necessary. An attorney can make easier to file the case, however they usually do assessments before accepting the case so that they can prove that there is a case before filing it. As there is a higher cost of litigation attorneys mostly recommend out of court settlements but if it does not happen they will represent you in the court as

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