Personal Integrity Analysis

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Personal integrity is defined as” a state of wholeness and peace experienced when our goals, actions and decisions are consistent with our most cherished value” (Gilbert.2007).This personal integrity is varied from one person to another according to his values in life, and how this person is committed to his values to achieve his goals in the future. (Gilbert.2007) in his book “Strengthening ethical wisdom” is concerned about personal integrity attribute, and he provided diagnostic test for the readers as “vital signs” to assess their personal integrity health and help them to improve it. Personally, my test score result and code of ethics influenced me to improve my personal insight and make an impact on the future. First of all, the personal…show more content…
The score result indicates that I need to work on all disciplines and focus more on mindfulness discipline for two reasons; firstly, it has the lowest average score. Secondly, I have decided to change the mindfulness discipline score to the best. “Obviously, if the average score for a discipline is 3 or below, it is “a red flag” (Gilbert, 2007.p.197). In other word, if an average score drops to less than 3, it is an alert sign indicating that there is lack of consistency in living our values in this discipline. I have realized from the diagnostic test that my personal insight toward my self-values in all the three disciplines are not satisfactory. In personal legacy discipline, it has shown me that i don’t have a clear idea about what I want my legacy to be. I need to focus in how I can be the best model for my co - workers through my actions and beliefs. For example, in the hospital it is not enough to provide patient care for patients, but if the nurse provides respect for patient’s integrity and privacy, she would be a good example for new staff in maintaining ethical environment while doing patient care. In Mindfulness disciple, “all four questions probing on self-awareness about your values and the values you live at work”…show more content…
The first, assessment information has encouraged persons to be clear about his legacy, and provide ethical work environment. ANA code of ethics supported this information and encouraged nurses to work with all patients equally regardless of their race and economic states to build ethical work environment. The second, assessment information states that nurses should be sensitive regarding “off” ethical actions and take clear position regarding what is right and what is wrong. “A code of ethics is generally adopted by a profession to assist professionals in making appropriate decision in a way that help individuals differentiate between right and wrong and apply this understanding to critical decision making”(O’Grady, Malloch.2016). Finally, assessment information insist that work is an important place to live our values with others to do what is right ethically. Similarly ANA code of ethics states that nursing professional is responsible in articulating nursing values and promoting
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