Personal Financial Advisor Job Description Assignment

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Job Description Assignment
Robert Casey Swingle
MGI 301

1: What is the job:
Title Personal Financial Advisor
Industry Financial Industry
Example Organizations J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, American Express
Average Salary $ 89,160
Hours Required Generally flexible
Can be office bound
Becoming more and more flexible due to technology
Benefits Depending on your company: Health, eye, and dental insurance.
Competitive 401(k) with firm matching options
16 week full paid maternity/paternity leave (for full time care giver) or 4 week full paid maternity/paternity leave for secondary care givers. (Goldman Sachs)

2: What skills are required for the job? Do you currently have/ Are you on track to obtain those skills? If not, what
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The way that you can obtain these skills can vary. The fundamentals of these skills can be taught in classes. I am learning a lot of financial analysis skills in some of my classes. Over the next year and a half I will have a sufficient amount of knowledge to get my self-started in the future. Another way I intend on gaining more experience is through internships. There is no better way to learn than by doing something hands on. I am trying to get as much experience as possible before I have to enter the work force. The last way I intend to gain experience is just through day-to-day life. Being a financial planner means having social skills. You have to be able to talk to people and have conversations. This is a skill which is very important in almost every field, but I believe it is a skill that is often over…show more content…
One quality that O’Neill seems to have is his willing ness to give back. Every article on him includes how generous him and his wife are. I think its very important to not forget where you came from and to always give back to those who are now in the shoes you used to be in. In order to be in the position that he is in, you must have all of the analytical skills in the world. He must have been near the best in his field to achieve this position. Giving back to those in a lessor state than you is a vital attribute that not everyone has as they progress through their career.
To be successful in Private Wealth Management, you must be social with people and be able to keep relationships. Private Wealth Management is for people that have a significant amount of money and are trying to invest for their future. There are going to be a significantly smaller amount of people with that amount of weather. You should keep a great relationship with these clients due to the small amounts of them. Having a great relationship is so important in every aspect of life, especially if you only have a limited amount of people you can work for.
4. Draw a network of the other positions/individuals you will need to create relationships with in order to be

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