Salva's Personal Journey In A Long Walk To Water

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A personal journey is a series of events, spiritual, mental, or physical. Salva was born in Sudan, Sudan was a very impoverished country. But Salva was one of the more lucky children in his tribe because his father raised cattle. This allowed him to go to school, and to have food on his table. Though he life wouldn’t be the same after one day after school, this event started him on his personal journey. In the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Park, the character Salva, was sent on a personal journey, the events that impacted his journey were the war, the loss of his Uncle, and going to America. The war affected Salva’s journey because it caused his village to be attacked, and made all the children run away from their families and homes.…show more content…
Salva, his Uncle, and the rest of the boys were traveling to a refugee camp in Ethiopia, after he had nowhere else to go. Many of the men were thirsty and tired. Towards the afternoon the men found a pond of unfit water. Though they couldn’t drink the water they ended up coming across something good. A dead Stork laid at the ponds edge. The men started to roast the bird. Suddenly Salva could hear loud voices. When he turned he then saw six men approaching them. “Then he heard loud voices. Along with the rest of the group, he turned and saw six men coming toward them. As they approached, he could see that they were armed with guns and machetes,”(Park 62). Salva noticed that all the men were equipped with guns and machetes. The men shouted for everyone to get on the ground with their heads on their heads. The six men stopped in front of Salvas Uncle, they asked him questions about where they had came from. They then told Salva’s Uncle to drop his weapon and walk over to a nearby tree. “The man told Uncle to get up and leave his gun where it was. Two of the other men took Uncle to a tree a few yards away and tied him to it,”(Park 62). The rest of the men went through their bags and even took some of their groups clothing. The men then walked back over to Salva’s Uncle, a few even laughing. Salva watched as one aimed their gun at his uncle. “As Salva watched, one of the men aimed his gun at Uncle. Three shots rang out,”(Park
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