Personal Leadership Qualities

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This work is devoted to the analysis of personal leadership qualities as well as individual characteristics, tendencies, and preferences. Leadership is an essential component of the successful functioning of any organization, so leaders must adequately assess their own capabilities and improve them. Additionally, this paper contains an analysis of results of five tests on leadership including the Myers-Briggs test, the big five personality test, the John Maxwell test on leadership, the dominance, influence, stability, and compliance test and the Adizes management style indicator.
Keywords: leadership, tests on leadership, John Maxwell test on leadership, big five personality test, Myers-Briggs test, analysis of leadership, Adizes
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Considering the primary qualities of a leader, self-reliance is the key characteristic. A high and adequate level of self-esteem of leaders in combination with self-confidence helps them in necessary cases to take risks and to increase productivity and effectiveness in critical situations. In addition, self-reliance allows the leader to expand the limits of abilities and acquire new life experience. The next principal quality is the ability to create a team of followers and like-minded people (Hossain, 2015). This quality determines the success of becoming an individual in the role of a leader. Setting shared goals and values and controlling the adherence of followers to these goals is one of the primary leadership qualities (DuBrin, 2015). Moreover, each leader should be able to analyze and understand own character to have the opportunity for high-quality use of strengths and minimizing the influence of weaknesses on the management of the organization. In this regard, for the investigation of my personal characteristics, preferences and positive qualities, I have passed five leadership tests, and have analyzed the results in this…show more content…
However, I am intolerant to workers who perform tasks without sufficient attention to detail and subtleties prescribed by more experienced people in this field. I adequately assess and analyze behavior of people around me. Moreover, I am a realist, and I explore the surrounding world with the help of facts and arguments. Additionally, I am more interested in new technological processes and technical means than in principles and theories. In a working atmosphere, I always listen to someone else's opinion, and I do not make hasty conclusions. As an illustration, I usually listen to the interlocutor till the end, because I am a democratic leader and take into account the opinion of each colleague. I continuously make significant efforts to remain open and listen to the opinion of people with whom I communicate. Sometimes I get so involved in work on strict rules, and I cannot understand workers who refuse to follow these orders or try to change them. Moreover, I build relationships with people based on mutual understanding, patience, and compromise, maintaining harmonious ties with people (Szu-Fang, 2013). Family traditions mean a lot to me, so I often organize family holidays. Additionally, I am pleased to meet friends, as well as colleagues in a relaxed, friendly dinner or picnic, wedding or birthday. I quickly find a common language with people, and I do not like to
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