Personal Leadership Development Plan

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Personal Leadership Development Plan


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision in to reality through planning” Warren Bennis
I view leader as a person who is able to identify mutual goals and destinations. In order to achieve these goals successful, leaders establish a plan that could help them organize and ensure that they have an appropriate strategy and a well communicated team to execute the plan.
Keeping in view the guidelines provided in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) “From purpose to impact” I made this workbook which will serve as a guide line that will articulate my vision my goals and commitment to the specific actions that I will be setting for myself. My leadership philosophy is based upon
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Where Will I broaden my mind?
I will broaden my mind by daily reading one national and one international newspaper so that I may have updated knowledge of what is going around the world.

What place would I like to live to live in or visit?
I would like to live in Istanbul Turkey as the Muslim architecture and culture in turkey has always inspired me and attracted me towards.
II. Personal Discipline & Stress Management:

What will I do to eat more healthfully?
I will try to eat more vegetables and lowering the amount of protein diet. I will replace my lunch with salad.

What will I do to get better exercise?
I will regularly go to gym and make a schedule to balance my cardio and muscular exercise.

What will I do to develop consistent sleep patterns?
I will make sure that I sleep at least six hours a day and avoid taking tea just before the sleep.
What practices will I develop to better manage stress?
I believe praying five times a day helps one to relax which manage stress better. Yoga and exercises could also help me in developing my stress counter
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Leadership Style:
My preferred leadership style is
My preferred leadership style is to get the input from all of my team members and try to bring consensus to their ideas before I step in as a leader. I think this style gives the members a greater sense of ownership towards the group and task keeping them motivated .I also prefer accountability of the team that help to build trust and improve efficiency of the team.

Under pressure, I revert to the following leadership style
Under pressure I limit of input from my team members also sometimes have to be more authoritative in ones area of expertise but during this all process I make sure that no one’s self-esteem is hurt.

When dealing directly with powerful or intimidating people, I
Dealing with powerful I observe them and try to judge their need and wants. Directly contradicting or giving them advice / suggestion is not a good idea I often tend to sugarcoat words while dealing with them
VIII. Leadership Development:
The experiences I need in order to develop my leadership
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