Personal Leadership Motivation

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Personal Leadership Motivation Are leaders born or made? Many people believed that leaders are born but this is not true. Personally, I feel that leaders are made from the application of the various leadership skills that have been learnt over time. “The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born - Warren G. Bennis”. I was given many opportunities in school to be a leader. For example, being the class chairperson. However, my classmates perceived me as an autocratic leader. This might be because I am independent and assertive. As I grow older and wiser, I realised that being an autocratic leader is not the way to go. Subsequently, I was given another chance to be a leader. This role gave me an opportunity to guide, develop a group of people and watch them grow. I was proud of them and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. I was also less authoritative and had more patience. Thus, I was able to learn from them and further improve myself to be a better leader. A leader has to lead and be responsible and trustworthy for the team to rely on. In addition to these, the friendly…show more content…
From the networking scenario and reflection, it was always the other classmates that approached me first to initiate a conversation. I may seem to be quiet and aloof. I also find it difficult to interact with new people that I just met. Thus, I would need to try to step out from my comfort zone and try to build human connections by asking questions and be engaged in the conversation. I realised that I can start by having the courage to contribute to the team discussion by showing appropriate response. Thus, during the team discussion, I should try to speak up more often and not be afraid to state my point of views even if it might be wrong. For a start, I may not have a lot to share and talk about but I will try to speak up more often during the team

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