Personal Statement: My Personal Leadership Motivation

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Personal Leadership Motivation Are leaders born or made? Many people believed that leaders are born but this is not true. Personally, I feel that leaders are made from the application of the various leadership skills that have been learnt over time. “The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born - Warren G. Bennis”. I was given many opportunities in school to be a leader. For example, being the class chairperson. However, my classmates perceived me as an autocratic leader. This might be because I am independent and assertive. As I grow older and wiser, I realised that being an autocratic leader is not the way to go. Subsequently, I was given another chance to be a leader. This role gave me an opportunity to guide, develop a group…show more content…
In addition to these, the friendly interpersonal relationship between a leader and the teammates are also important. For me, I want to be a leader that can empathise with others. By showing empathy, it allows me to see things from a different perspective. This can help me to build rapport and connect with the people that I am working with. Since I prefer to seek for feedbacks before making decisions, I believe in a two-way communication. For that to happen, teammates must feel that I am sincere and willing to listen to them. This will allow me to understand my teammates better and how I can work with them efficiently and effectively. Thus, being a leader to me means empathizing and engaging with those that I am…show more content…
My teammates might also find it easier to communicate with me as I may seem to be friendlier. Negative thinking will definitely affect the team morale. Positive thinking generates positive thoughts and attitudes which is necessary for the team to perform. Tensions and misunderstandings are less likely to happen with a positive attitude. By having a positive attitude, I will be able to appreciate my teammates and hence treating them with respect and trust. This will definitely improve the team relationship. For example, during tLCQ submission, I am responsible for recording the group’s answer online. Sometimes, we chose the incorrect answers and felt disappointed. However, I do not blame anyone or show negative emotions because we are a team. Instead, I give positive affirmations such as its okay to make mistakes. As a team, we learn and review our mistakes together and hopefully we will choose the right answer for the next
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