Personal Leadership Philosophy

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My Philosophy Everyone has their own personal leadership philosophy to describe their beliefs and values. Peter Northouse describes the philosophy of leadership as an unique set of beliefs and attitudes about the nature of people and work (Northouse 83). Each person has something that motivates them to achieve his or her goal. As a result, they create a set guideline and/or timeline of how they plan to reach the set goal. All of this is based on the philosophy of what they believe in. My personal leadership philosophy is, “You have to pay to play.” Nothing in life is free and if one wishes to obtain anything worth keeping then one has to earn it. When I was growing, my parents taught me that if I want something then I must work for it. Seldomly, in this society…show more content…
I would like to work in either a hospital or a private practice as a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in the Cardiovascular System to reduce the rate of heart diseases in America. . On the side , I want a shelter that runs off donations to support the less fortunate. For example, they can donate essential living supplies like clothes and hygienic products to others. My shelter will be named Helpers United and should be supported because I believe to receive anything starts off by giving back. It ties into my philosophy because you must pay as in give back in order to play as in receive blessings. My core values are love, happiness and determination. I believe each one is essential in achieving excellence. You need the love of family and friends to keep you going. You need to be happy when you are trying to achieve something because only then will you give your best effort. You need determination to drive you to stay clear and focus on what is important. My ending result guides my actions because every action has an equal or opposite reaction and the same theory works with
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