Personal Leadership Philosophy Statement: Command Language Program

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Leadership Philosophy SGL SSG Apayo SGT Galdouf, Elsamani ALC Class 17-002 Personal Leadership Philosophy Leadership is a privilege that would come with tremendous responsibilities, and leadership is accountability to encourage and inspire others to lead and direct others to accomplish the duty and achieved the organization visions and goals. By empowering subordinates and other leaders to be able to implement decisions that are very crucial for leaders to develop and enhance future leaders in the organization. For me as a leader, I will always welcome any opportunity that would enable my team to work collaboratively with your peers and your subordinates throughout the organization. My current assignment as Command Language Program Manager, I have a duty and responsibilities of all aspects of development, implementing, and managing of the Command Language Program. First by making sure that all Soldiers are getting their Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus pay. Second, make sure that all linguists are testing…show more content…
For the Army as an organization to be a successful organization and move forward, they must be willing and able to change. I as a leader, I must be willing to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. For me, as a leader, I must be prepared and able to adapt to the changes that I would encounter on my daily basis. I believe, to understand what adaptive leadership is, it is very imperative that we understand the characteristics and attributes of adaptive leaders. I believe an essential attribute an adaptive leader is a self-awareness. As and an adaptive leader first, you must acknowledge your strengths, weaknesses, and your limitations. These are things that would distinguish the adaptive leaders from their peers. Tactically, this type of leadership can change due to factors on the battlefield without losing focus of the
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