Personal Leadership Reflection

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Leaders are individuals that display a lot of different personal characteristics. Some individuals are born with some of these characteristics, while most have to learn them. Nonetheless, leadership development is an ongoing process, as no one is a perfect leader. At this moment, I believe I am very proactive with the troops I directly supervise and rate on; however, I also tent to be a little disengaged with other individuals as I believed it was their supervisor’s responsibility to develop them. Fortunately, I have been changing my way of thinking, as I now understand it is my duty to develop all individuals when the opportunity arises. Currently, I believe I am an effective leader and an important member of my team. Even so, I know there is a lot of room for improvement. I am confident I am an effective leader because I already apply a lot of the lesson principles taught in this development program and I know I will leave a better leader, as I have learned new concepts to help me advance as a leader and a follower. For instance, I recognize that interpersonal communication is paramount for mission accomplishment. Effective communication allows me to understand the message my leadership is trying to convey, to the point I can translate that message into mission objectives for myself and subordinates. Nonetheless, I will strive to become a better speaker, motivator, and to better articulate my thoughts into words. Also, even though I like my accent, I will
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