Leadership Skills Important To Me

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Throughout my entire life I have been constantly learning and improving a wide range of personal and social leadership skills, especially in these most recent few years of middle school and high school. These skills have not only helped me to get where I am today, but have also become a huge influence for my personality and overall perception of the world around me. These skills have helped me to build relationships, gain experience and opportunities, improve my personal outlook, and change my entire approach to everything I do in a positive way. But I know it does not stop there. It is never truly possible to fully possess a leadership skill in its entirety. There will also be room for growth and improvement in each skill that you learn. My leadership skills that I have managed to learn will continue to be improved and honed all throughout my life and those same skills will become a major factor in all aspects of my future.…show more content…
The use of my leadership skills will greatly affect my ability to clearly and concisely convey my points and opinions to coworkers and colleagues in the workforce and in everyday life. Also, my leadership skills will help to further build my confidence in sharing my own ideas and opinions with the other people around me. At the same time, having good communication skills will help me to become a better listener. A good leader knows that one of the most important facets of effective communication is being able to clearly present your ideas, but then also being able to step back and observe and listen to what others have to say. Having good leadership skills and using those to my ability will help me to receive feedback with a positive mindset and then use it to further motivate me in either the workforce or my own personal
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