Reflective Essay: Entrepreneurs For The World

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I. What have been my pathways to leadership? Common phrases of society states that ‘you are born to be a leader’ or ‘you are a natural leader’. Although through the readings and the theory we learnt, we can ask ourselves if leadership is rather something that we learn, that we need to be trained for, it is the question of nature or nurture. With this assignment we will try to evaluate our leadership, to assess myself, I will try to find what in my characteristics can be relevant for leadership.

I will start from the beginning as you start the foundation of a house from the ground, I will try to develop following a timeline of my life how my personal and professional experience, ideas and people I have met have influenced my leadership. How some guiding principles and framework have inspired me and have conducted me where I am today in the school of “Entrepreneurs for the world”.

A sentence from my dad become kind of guiding principle for me “Believe in what you do, and do what you believe in”. When I need to do choices I always keep in mind this, because if I don’t believe in what I do, I will not be good at, this state of mind is totally in the align of the Confucius quote “Choose a job
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The theory used here explains that each adult individuals possesses a number of fixed personal-character attributes. And these attributes result in a tendency of the individual to develop and excel in certain skills more easily than others. To work on this theory you need to take an online test that I had the chance to take three years ago, by identifying the individual strengths, you can find the most suiting position for you and develop accordingly your leadership approach. My five personal themes were Restorative, Connectedness, Learner, Analytical and
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