Personal Leadership Style Analysis

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Leadership a hard thing to define. There is no one definition that can incorporate every individual 's personal leadership style. Each leader has to decide for him or herself what their approach to leadership will be and how they want to approach it. Some people believe that leadership is an quality that you are born with, I do not believe that is the case. Leadership is a skill that can be not only taught, but continually improved on. A true leader is capable of inspiring others and influencing them to work together to achieve a common goal. There are different ways to look at leadership and we have discussed multiple ways in class. There are different leadership theories the LEAD scholars class has discussed including leadership and power,…show more content…
One theory we discussed was leadership and power. This is a very complex theory because it is a fine line to walk on. This is difficult because without power a leader cannot influence others to jump into action. However, at the same time too much power can be detrimental to a leader. There are different sources where power can come from. It can come from the position a leader holds, power from past experiences or memories, respect from admiration of others, through rewarding followers, and also through punishments or criticism. Some amount of power will always be there when you are a leader but it is necessary to keep it in check and not abuse it. When a leader abuses power it can be destructive to them as not only a leader but also as a person. To maintain a level head when granted power a leader must have understanding and use it as often as they use their power. Situational leadership is another example of a leadership theory. This leadership is focused on the leader however, the leader takes not only the followers but also the situation into account. Through different methods of behaviors a leader is able change his or her leadership style to appropriately fit with the followers and the task at hand to achieve best results. Each leader has a different leadership style that can be studied and each one can be used in a different scenario. Situation leadership is very effective when a leader is aware of what the task
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