Reflective Essay: My Personal Leadership Style

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I will be focusing on my personal leadership style, as well as my future development plans in this essay writing. The flow of the essay will go from a short introduction and history of how I have advanced into a leader, following by my leading abilities, my strength and lastly on what my future development plans will be.
After my graduation from Republic Polytechnic, I started working in my family business, a business dealt in manufacturing condiments and wholesaling the products. I was given task from all sorts of ends, from labor working, manufacturing to managing the sale list. Fast forward to a year later, some issues occur and the company was sold, although restarted by my brother. After paying off debts retain from the old company, the
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One of my newer staff is over 60 year old, he had no children and his wife passed away a few years back, which is also the reason he developed depression. I do not step over my boundaries, showing sympathy or any equivalent sorts of feeling. I try as much as possible to make him feel like a family, rather than being a superior or subordinate. I talked to him on equal grounds. Through this, I can see there are changes in him, I can feel his happiness while working alongside…show more content…
When it comes to the senior employees, I am usually high supportive and low directive because I trust them in completion what is needed to be done per day. I adopt high directive and low support style when I approach my newer staffs.
This way, I can arrange for any backups if there is an urgency in the needs requirement of my company. I always picture myself in the middle of a web. Like for example, I would simulate and speculate what is the outcome if I have taken step A rather than step B, or maybe one of my employees are better at step A than I am. This way, it allows me to foresee the compatibility between the individual and the task, allowing me to get the most satisfying result.
Although, there are some issues that arise from using this approach. To myself, it may not see as much, but, to the newer staffs, they see favoritism. The result of their assumptions affects the team spirit and motivation in working. All because I had not ever done any explanations behind my actions. I have learned my lessons are all the other future wise decisions made by me was done through proper discussions by calling all my staffs together rather than just by my personal
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