Personal Legend In The Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho

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The novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is about a young boy named Santiago who is trying to pursue his personal legend. Along the way he meets many people, sees many omens and faces many challenges. He has to discover the language of the world to be able to find his treasure, but little does he know the treasure is no ordinary thing. Sure, there was a chest of gold coins but he also gained knowledge of the soul of the world. Paulo Coleho uses characters including the crystal merchant, the gypsy woman, Fatima, and the Englishman to explore the theme that someone has to realize and pursue their personal legend to be truly happy. The first half of The Alchemist shared how Santiago came to realize his personal legend and what his plan to pursue it was. When he first recognized he was having a recurrent dream he went to the Gypsy Woman and needed help. When he went and briefly told her why he was there she replied and said, "You came so that you could learn about your dreams,"…"And dreams are the language of…show more content…
They all helped in different unique ways and each person set the stage for the next person. The gypsy woman encouraged him to follow his dream which led him to the merchant who gave him food, shelter, clothing, and taught him that he was not going to be happy never knowing what may have happened if he followed his dream. Next, the Englishman showed santiago they had a common goal of discovering ones personal legend. Finally, Fatima was santiagos true love and he wanted to give up his legen and stay with her but she wanted him to discover his personal legend and then come back to her when he was done and happy. He found the treasure and discovered the true meaning of why he went on the long journey he did and was going to return to Fatima. Santiago had to discover his personal legend to become truly happy in
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