Narrative Essay About Life Lessons

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Some lessons in life are taught through hardship and pain that come in the form of challenges. Some could be financial, physical, or family related- there are so many different adversities that you could face, from as small as a broken pinky toe to as big as you or a family member having cancer. What defines us a humans is our ability to face a problem head on and overcome any obstacle. We learn best from adversity, the brain is wired to remember any tragic even longer than most happy ones, that's why we can remember breaking a bone as a child but can't remember happy family vacations. One example is a personal experience of mine, when i was born my father wasn't there and my mother(brooke) didn't want to be present to watch her own child to be born- the first person to hold me was my grandmother. The last person to hold me was my actual mother. I lived with her for two years in an apartment barely fit to live in, rat feces and urine stains everywhere. I fended for myself for food as she sold her food stamps for…show more content…
The judge even sent an inspector to the apartment to check living conditions and it was all clean and stocked full of food and clothes because a friend of brookes tipped her off to the inspection. Tonya begged the judge to do a random inspection sinch there would be no way of going so the judge himself went up to the apartment and tried to enter. Brooke cussed and screamed not letting him in because it was back to being a pig stye and the pantry was empty again. I was actually with the lady down the hall as it happened. Before he left he had a patrol car come and handle brooke and get the door open, with what he saw he instantly had the officer collect anything i had worth taking and me to take me to tonyas. The next day he awarded custody of me to tonya and set a restraining order against Brooke. It recently dropped a year ago in march of 2017, my sixteenth
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