Personal Lessons In Project Management

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I have learned a lot of things from this program. Below are some significant personal lessons learned through the program:
1.Practicing communication skills
There is no doubt that communication is the key to the success of the project management. As a project manager, you may meet varieties of communication challenges including communicating with the global team or virtual team. Selecting appropriate communication methods or understanding the communication channels are all basic skills that project managers should know. Therefore, project managers should practice their communication skills to ensure the success of the program.
2. Simplifying work procedures
The project managers should analyze the outdated process 's goals. Determine what you
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Project managers should list the work that should be completed in time and prioritize, highlight, and confirm the completion time, and properly arranging "no disturbance" time.
4.Balancing Work/ school/ life:
Since I have the internship during my capstone class, it is hard for me to balance my study and work. However, I summarized some tips to balance them:
(1). Carefully arrange work within our project team. Find some works that is matching with my ability.
(2). Invest in people throughout your work process. If you have a strong enough time concept in your head, you will have a higher productivity.
(3). Ensure the clarity of division of duties.
(4). Reasonably arrange my leisure time after completing my own work.
What did you find most surprising about the program?
A virtual team can do a great job. Our group is an absolutely global group, five team members located in different time zones and from different countries. Since we can not have face to face meeting, skype and zoom were the main communication tools we used. Some of my team mates are experienced project managers and they shared a lot of effective project management skills to me. What is more, they are proficient in leading a virtual team and they use their experience to success the project. I am surprised that I gained a lot practical skills from my team
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In my view, every class is important to my professional life because project management has lots of knowledge areas. Each knowledge area has its own function to achieve a project. However, I took scheduling and cost of project management as the most relevant class to my professional life. My dream job is being a sports event promoter. Estimate budget and schedule for a sports event is one of the most complicated part. I did not know there are professional skills to deal with budget and scheduling before I enrolled into the program.
Through the cost and scheduling course, I learned how to effectively use MS project software to estimate and control cost and time. As a result, I can use these skills learned from class to make accurate plan for my future career.
How has this program prepared you to advance within your career? What have been the most significant lessons learned/ insights about project
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