Personal Life And Politics Analysis

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The personal life and politics are often studied as two distinct areas in Sociology, in fact on examining their subject-matter you could be forgiven for thinking that they are opposites (Gemma Edwards). When we hear the word politics we immediately think that it refers to the public, the government, the state, and politicians. While personal we all know that it means private, separate from the public, it can be your private life, or something intended for personal use or for yourself alone. In reality, however, the boundaries of our personal lives are not so exact, because our personal life transgresses both private and public spheres (Gemma Edwards). There is a mutual intersection where the personal life and the politics meet. In political…show more content…
In the first wave of feminists, the Liberal feminists, they are trying to fight for the basic rights that women weren’t able to obtain, from education because society thinks that women are only for aesthetic and not for political position when it should be equal both sexes should be have the rights for education, to the rights for suffrage, right to labor, the glass ceiling wherein the women are constrained to achieve more, and up to social inequalities concern. However, the first wave lacks of concept of gender. First wave feminists only bring up the binary opposition of men and women, that’s why in the second wave of feminists Simone de Beauvior pointed out the gender, in her book “The Second Sex” she said that sex is biology and gender is a socio-cultural construct. Beauvior got her philosophy from existentialism, gender is not as simple as the binary opposition it is considered as an existential philosophy because your existence precedes your essence. Second wave of feminists believed that if you do not have a concept of gender or you do not know the construction of gender you won’t be able to trace why there is a social-inequality. Second wave feminists also pointed out that all the rights that the first wave fought for were from the…show more content…
Personal is political meaning you should involve your personal life, engage your personal problems and issues to the social structures. “Will my work be measured as the same standard as my male peers?”, “Will my career progression be impacted by bias or stereotype?”, “Will I be judged by the way I look or dress instead of the way I think or act?”, “Will perceptions of my abilities be boxed in by my gender?” (Moss, 2013), Personal struggles, you might say, but in our media-saturated culture we see these issues wrestled with on a very public stage, personal, yes, and political too (Moss,

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