Personal Essay: The Most Important Events In My Life

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1. The first most important event in my life was when my little sister Brisa maria Arizola was born in 2005 at the hospital here in Idaho Falls. We 're always fighting and it drives my parents crazy but that 's what sibling do. She has gotten me in trouble an uncountable amount of times. One particular time was when we were playing croquet and she hit herself with one of the mallets and even then she thought to herself in her little 4 year old head that it would be fun to get me in trouble, so she worked up some tears and went inside. Next thing I know my dad came out yelling , why the heck are you hitting your sister with that mallet and I didn 't even know what was going on but I still ended up in trouble and my sister kept playing and now she 's older and keeps on coming with more clever ways to get me in trouble and she still has gotten me in trouble an uncountable amount of times but I still love her because she is…show more content…
I started my first year of tackle football I played for sandcreek for 5 years. This is my first year playing for bonneville and I hope to keep playing football and maybe even go professional. I really don 't care what team I play for as long as I can just keep playing football. One of my favorite football memories was this year when we played Rigby the play just happened to go right through the middle and me and the center ( Kaden cornelsen )ended up blocking the same guy. The play after that when we were lining up the player we had blocked the play before told us so you are so weak it takes two to block me and so the next play me and kaden decided to show him what it was like to get blocked by 2 player when our quarterback said “ hike” the rigby player got pushed back about 10 yards and we scored a touchdown after that he shut up and we ended up winning that game 63 to

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