Personal Meaning In The Movie 'E. T. Elliott'

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Personal Meaning. In the movie E.T. Elliott is the middle child of three kids that is growing up in the 80’s. Growing up in the 80’s there are several experiences that Elliott had that are comparative such as being able to ride bikes around town everywhere. I was able to ride my bike down town at the same or around the same age that Elliott is in the movie. I say this is an example because now days you do not see children riding their bikes places at that age anymore, they are usually driven around by the parents. Another example that popped out was when they went trick or treating and how all the children were walking around the neighborhood and there were no parents. I remember doing this as a child and with no parents around unlike today where parents are usually the ones driving kids around and walking with them to make sure they are safe. Also they made their costumes and that was something that we always did we never bought costumes. One thing that did not resonate with me was the dissection of the frogs. I think that it was completely foreign to have a ten year old put a frog in a jar and watch it slowly die. I think that would be emotionally scaring for a child to have to kill an animal at that age. One thing I liked about Elliott was that he did not let the kids that were picking on him get to him. He knew that what he saw was real and did not let peer pressure change his mind about E.T. I also liked how he was brave and tried to help E.T. find his way home instead

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