Personal Mission Statement Essay

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Jordan Hertz
Grade 12M

I dedicate myself to being the best son, brother and friend that I can possibly be. I will live my life responsibly and take charge of every aspect of my life and I will strive to be socially, physically and emotionally fit. Whatever I set my mind to, I will go about it with passion and determination and when I succeed, I will be humble in my victories. My mission is to remain positive through hardships, be aware of how privileged I am in my life, live by my own principles and speak with my actions rather than words. I will work hard at school and give it my all in order to be accepted into Medicine which I want to study at University. I will do this while
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Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else” – Les Brown. This quote clearly depicts my attitude towards my life and future goals of which I aspire to achieve within a particular time frame in my life.
While I believe that it is of the utmost importance to achieve and become all that you aspire to be, I am a firm believer that without maintaining your values and beliefs which you have learned throughout your life, which instil sustainable and imperative qualities that mould you into the respectful, trusting person you are, you are nothing but a temporary success story. Those who achieve success while maintaining their personal values and beliefs, enabling them to be true to themselves while following their dreams, are those who are long-term leaders and inspirations to those around them.
With all the above being said, I don’t aim on just succeeding in my life and achieving all of my goals that I intend to. I want to achieve these goals in the most respectable and honourable way possible. I value my name and will do my best to ensure that my name is remembered for only good things. I hope to never put myself in the position whereby my integrity and name could be put into jeopardy. As Publilius Syrus once said, “A good name is more valuable than
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