Personal Narrative

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“JOE!, it’s time for you to leave for school!” hollered Joe's Mom from the kitchen. Joe opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling of his bedroom. “Okay, okay, Mom I'll be down in a minute.” This was going to be his first day at his new high school, without his friends that were still in Canada. Joe thought to himself, “I'm strong, I can do this.” After a long minute, Joe slid down the staircase, through the kitchen, grabbed his lunch hopped into his 1983 mini van and started off to school. Some kids in a different car pass Joe and cut him off on the way into the parking lot. Joe gives it an “oh well” and pulls in behind them, he thinks nothing of it. When Joe gets into school, he sees some kids laughing and pointing at him, they are…show more content…
Joe was from a small little town in Canada where everyone knew everyone and everyone was friendly. This big city school was filled with so many people that were so different it was hard for Joe to understand. Sarah told him to stay just the way he was, it would all work out. That made him feel better. Sarah did not have much experience fishing or for that any experience with boats. Joe was patient with her and they got the boat on the water and thought they found a good place to set up. The fish didn’t seem to be biting as much today, so they moved a couple times and each time Sarah listened and watched Joe close. Pretty soon she was casting and trolling the boat on her own and she hooked into a Monster! “Joe! Joe!, what do I do?” and she pulled hard on the rod. Joe worked quickly to get the boat turned around and pull the other lines in the boat. “Start to reel and pull real steady.” Joe guided her through all the steps and it took awhile, but 15 minutes later they had a 28” 7 pound largemouth flopping around in a net on the floor of the boat. Sarah was hooked on fishing! Later a man at the boat landing took her picture and put it in the
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