Personal Narrative: 21-Day Sugar

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Sugar Detox Results The 21-Day sugar has been growing in popularity recently. I had always been curious about trying it but hesitant of jumping on the wagon. I wasn’t quite sure if it was legitimate or a trend. Ever since I entered college, I lived a life of sitting in study halls and eating top ramen. I knew my diet was trash but didn’t have the motivation to change it. That changed when I looked in the mirror and realized I’d put on 60lbs since high school. I didn’t look great and I didn’t feel too hot either. I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. At first I only made small changes. At first I only made small changes. I started walking around my neighborhood on the weekends. I signed up for a spin class, and even went to see a nutritionist.…show more content…
I can’t say my diet was all that clean, but I made sure to only eat out on the weekends. I felt pretty healthy but I knew deep down I was cheating myself. Eating out and my cheat snack were holding me back. If I really wanted to see changes, I needed to push myself further. My teacher recommended giving up sugar. Sugar can contribute to a lot of unnecessary weight gain, lethargy, and illnesses such as diabetes. Those were not the kind of problems I needed in life. I researched the sugar detox. A quick internet search told me that I had my work cut out for me. Not only would I have to get rid of my snacks, I’d also have to give up on my pastas and wine. I love Italian dishes but I thought about what life would be like with diabetes and I chose the detox…show more content…
My Experiences While Detoxing: Day 1 I was excited when I first woke up. I had planned out my day the day before so I wasn’t that worried. One thing that was easy was the fact that I like black coffee. I also am a morning person so I decided to work out in the morning. It was easy to grab a cup of coffee mixed with protein powder prior to my workout. I chose the bike machine today. After my workout, I had some almonds and celery. I was doing great until I realized that I always eat steel coat oatmeal for breakfast. Luckily, I had my plan written out so I prepared my boiled eggs and avocado. I realized that as the day went on, my excitement dwindled. For lunch I had protein salad with romaine lettuce, vegetables, and chicken. For my snacks I had another handful of nuts. For dinner, I had a full piece of chicken with a small salad. I drank 3 bottles of water and also drank the detox water. I think the worse part for me was lunch. I normally would have a sandwich or pasta during this time of the day. I really had to push myself to fight the craving. I had no problem falling asleep. I did feel a bit hungry so I planned to have more healthy

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