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I want her to come back. I miss her more than anything. I get that dad is trying to do his best; I mean, what is he supposed to do after something like this has happened? I got to school, seeing the old rusty sign that says “Bronx’s Middle School”. That sign is where my old friend group would meet every morning, but now it’s just a rusty old sign for me. Kelly was talking about my mom in the hallway, a few lockers away. I obviously could hear her. My throat started burning as I heard her say the date that mom passed. I was choking down my tears, but I couldn’t hold them anymore. Tears came rushing out as I ran to the bathroom. Of course, I saw one of my old friends in there. She glared at me and skipped out of the restroom. I grabbed a Kleenex…show more content…
I ran up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I mouthed I love you and ran upstairs to bed. I could hear dad and grandma talking, through the vent, about how I was going to need a counselor to deal with all of my depression. I only heard part of the next thing that they said. “Liberty needs to get out there… friends are… pushing away,” they were talking about me and my old group. I know that I pushed them away a bit when mom first passed, but then I tried to get close to them again and they didn’t like that very much. The only reason why I pushed them away was because I needed some space from the tragedy, and some time to recover. I honestly don’t get the point of being here if nobody likes me and mom was the only one that understood me. I drifted into a deep sleep thinking hard about this. My alarm clock went off at 5:30. “Ugh..” I yelled from my bedroom. When I took my first step out of bed, I tripped on my dresser and my toe started bleeding. I already could tell today was going to be amazing. I got on the bus to hear Leah, my old friend, talking about me. “Omg, Liberty is so ugly, no wonder she has no friends,” Leah said snotty. I just sat there feeling worthless and miserable. I was beyond

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