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"And that is why i cannot stand taxi's! Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subsribe!" I wink and turn the camera off, the usual routine. Honestly, being a youtuber is hard work, especially one trying (and mostly failing) to climb the social ladder. Hours of editing and tweeting and talking to a camera can definitely take a toll on a 20 year old, but what can i say, it's a passion. I slip into my favourite TRXYE sweater and step out of the door into the harsh Australian winter; i decide on my favourite local cafe and order a medium skim-milk latte with two spoons of sugar. I pay and sit down in a comfy red booth, moments later, the coffee comes, and I look up to thank the waitress when I see two familiar bodies walk behind her.…show more content…
I take a sip of my latte and wonder if troyler is real, if the kiss was real. (a/n the digifest one) To be honest, I may be their number 1 shipper but I don't think they really kissed at Digifest, I mean; Troye put his hand right where their lips are. I am so lost in my own thoughts I have no clue of the two young men standing before me before one of them clears his throat, I look up and lock eyes with the Tyler Oakley "Sorry but umm.... Are you Maddi Lane?" Troye says innocently "Tyler and I have seen one or two of your videos, the Troyler ones..." he grins and chuckles. Tyler weakly slaps him in the arm "Yeah, I am." I smile, but then it drops as I realise Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan both saw the videos of me fangirling over them. oops. I look up and try not to meet eye contact "I'm sorry..." I mumble, "I know that's your private life and stuff..." I blush, yet again. " Come on, girl. It's not bad, seriously, its cool knowing stuff you never knew about yourself." Tyler smiles at Troye and in that moment, they both look very close, very in love. " Are you two...?" I…show more content…
What just happened? That night, I pull out my phone and press the numbers that make up Troye and Tyler's numbers into Contacts. I hesitate a few moments before texting Troye "Hey, I know this is a bit weird and sudden and everything but I was wondering if you could hep me edit a video?" I immediately press send without thinking, maybe he might say yes. Some time around 10 pm I get a text from Troye "Hey Mads, Tyler and I are staying at my parents house, the address is -------------, feel free to drop by ;)" I smile at the text and call out to my mum "I'm Going to Callie's." before stepping out into the chilly night air. I hop into my crappy Volkswagen and head toward Troye's house. The house was only about 10 kilometres from my own, so it did no take long to reach the family home. "Hey Guuurl!" Tyler greets me when he opens the door, "come on in." I smile and step into the welcoming warmth of the house. Troye gets up from the couch and smiles at me, " I called for backup" he jerks his thumb at Tyler and I laugh before opening my laptop and showing them what work I had done and where I was

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