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Jimmiela Bruessard 9th Honors Mrs.Smith Tonight? I stared into the dark sky, taking a deep breath. “Tonight...tonight.” I breathed out loud. This past week i’ve felt jittery inside my stomach, holding back the smile i’ve wanted to show. Tomorrow was the day it all happened. I held my legs to my chest and thought about all the good things that could happen. “Ned, come inside or else!” shouted my mother.I glanced over my shoulder and suddenly felt the wind tickle against my skin. “Yes Mom i’m coming.” I said softly as i got up. Walking into the warm house i closed the slide door. Everyone was sitting, my mother Cynthia with a smile as bright as the sun. There was also my Father Edward who was as old as dirt, then my older …show more content…

The house was cold and lonely as i walked to my parents room. Oh my parents, what wonderful people who won’t be here in a few minutes. I walked down until i got to the white door. Unlocked like usual i creeped inside, my footsteps sounding like an explosion of fireworks just went off. My breath was like a wolf’s growl warning his prey that he was about to talk. Walking to the bed i could see their chests ride up and down, up and down. I quickly threw the blanket off and covered my father's mouth. His bright eyes went wide open in shock as i plunged the knife into his body. I quickly put my hand over his mouth before he woke up my mother. The blood felt warm on my hands as it went everywhere. Once,twice,three times i kept plunging it in everywhere. I liked the sound it made. His breaths were quick and unsteady. After a few minutes i bent over next to his …show more content…

“Let me help.” He said. I looked down and saw it was a bloody mess and my mother was coming out of her state of shock. I pulled the knife out and held it out to him. “Of course.” I stated. He took it and looked at me. “You are an idiot!” I suddenly felt a pain in my stomach.Blood began oozing out of my mouth. “I….thought-” “Wrong, you set it up perfectly for me little bro. Just imagine; Little Brother Kills Parents, Older brother Saves the day. It was self defense you attacked first.” Mario said with an evil grin. How could i be so dumb? Mario had never liked me and why would he try to help me in the first

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