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In my lifetime, I haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to injuries. For example I’ve been burnt a few times, had many cuts and bruises, even had my head split open but one injury that always sticks in my mind is when I almost broke my jaw. It was about 8/9 years ago and I was at a wedding, everything was going well, the day was lovely the newlyweds and their guest were happy including me until the agonising moment occurred. I was on the dance floor with my sister Kameryn and our friend Chloe, when they decided to take off their shoes and return to the floor and me being the child that I was I copied them, then they both decided to twirl, again I copied but I didn’t work out as well for me as it did for Kameryn and Chloe. I slipped and fell face first. There was a large shudder as my chin smashed off the hard, wooden ground. My chin instantly started swelling and quite a few people came over and exclaimed to my mum and I that they could feel the floor shake from each corner of the room. The pain was indescribable. Also the bruising was immensely bad, when you describe a bruise as being black and blue, that’s what it was like but much worse. …show more content…

I can still remember the pain. I was given Calpol and ibuprofen for the pain and to control the swelling. However one of the doctors explained to me that I was very lucky that I hadn’t broken my jaw because if I did I would have to wear a cage brace until the break had healed, which entails having screws in both the top of your skull and your jaw but if I had fell any harder I would have broken

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