Personal Narrative

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It was a normal day.I woke up at 6:07AM for the first day at school.I ate,got dressed,and went to the restroom.I had my backpack and bags full of other supplies I couldn’t fit in my backpack.I got in the car and was watching a video while I was in the car. When I arrived at school I saw everyone i saw last year.Mr.Kucharo put me in between a new kid called Darwin and Giovanni.I learned that he didn't know how to speak English.I had all my things unpacked and talked.I just sat and talked to Luis who sat next to Giovanni.Mr.Kucharo told us the rules and everything like that.I was glad it was only a half day.Somehow I was still bored.A couple hours passed.It was almost the end of the day and was talking to Luis.Finally the end of the day was
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