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“Alright people, we are wrapped for the day! Everyone looked fabulous today, great work! A bottle of wine is waiting for me at home so whoever walks out of the door last better lock up,” Mark the photographer says as he storms out the door before anyone else. Our daily bell rings to let us know that the shoot was over and everyone there drops what they were doing to get home. I pass by every other model either scrambling to get their stuff together or flirting their way up the fashion social ladder. I am the second one ready and out the door. Cars and people zoom right in front of me in the busy streets of New York City. I wave my hand in the air to hail the next available taxi. It is always easier to just take a taxi home rather than walking …show more content…

Perfectly behaved, listened to every word I said,” we both take a second and just laugh. “Oh really? A perfectly behaved four year old, totally believable,” I say as I rub my forehead and smile. “How’s the busy life of being a model?” Ezra questions. “Y’know, lots of cameras, lots of outfits, lots of bending my back and placing my arms in weird ways,” I sigh. “You don’t sound too excited about that. Second guessing being a model? You second guessing your dreams?” Ezra asks. “No, no of course I’m not. It’s just some days are harder. I just want to be home just to be with Maisie,” I say. I love modeling. I love the rush it gives me, but sometimes I wish I could just take a break from my career and be with my kid. Constantly being away from her is the toughest part. I knew it would be tough getting into this given the fact they don’t even know she exists. When Maisie was first born I had to make that decision whether to be open with having a daughter or to risk the ridicule and criticism from all my peers at work. My biggest fear is that I will pull my innocent daughter in this world that just expects perfection out of you. The moment Mark finds out that I have an adorable four year old, she is going to be thrown at a child modeling agent without hesitation. I just can’t let that happen; I’m not going to do that to my

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