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A family of three, a father, a daughter, and a son, lived in a quaint little cabin shrouded in the thick foliage miles away from civilization. It was a late afternoon. A cool breeze swept over the silent, wooded neighborhood. The two siblings were home alone left to tend their studies. Both children were in the bedroom. The brother was gazing out the window, watching the sky. He was assigned to do an essay over a week ago, and has been procrastinating since. The sister had finished all her assignments and was already reviewing next week’s test. She realized that her brother had been distracted. “Hey, daydreamer, what are you up to?” She said as she sat down her review sheet. “I’m stumped with this essay. It has to be about a memorable experience,” he sighed “I can’t come up with anything.” …show more content…

I was hoping that something awesome would happen before the essay is due.” “We’ve been to several neat places such as Washington DC and San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge.” “I feel like at least everyone has already done that.” Suddenly, there was a whoosh that rumbled the cabin. They peeked outside their window and saw a large, glimmering disk shoot by. Then, with a muffled crash; it plummeted into the depth of the forest. The brother finally knew what his essay was going to be about. The sister turned to her brother who stumbled to his bed to retrieve his sweater. “You don’t think that was a…” she fell silent as her brother nodded at her. “I’m sure it was exactly that.” “You better not be going after that

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