Personal Narrative: A 6 Years Old Child

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As a child you don’t pay much attention to the media, news or the adult’s conversation; however that don’t meaning a 6 years old child can’t notice that something is wrong, this family was living in the north are of the city in Dominican Republic. The house was an average size, 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and a bathroom, it wasn’t the perfect construction but is well maintained and a pretty.
There’s were two adults in that house , An old lady, her son and two children’s one girl 6 years and one boy , 5 years living in that household. Nobody was telling those children’s what was going on, however, the sound of the alert in the news, everyone running to buy stuff and secure everything in that house will tell that there was an emergency
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The old lady was telling her son” go hurry up, go to the Patio secure the back door, and make sure there’s nothing back there that can flee out, remove the chairs and buckets. The children were instructed to be quiet, while the adults were making all the preparation for something big to happen. It was imminent, the hurricane David was coming in the direction of the small island, the rain begins harder and harder, the winds can be hear like it was somebody outside of the house trying to get in, it was” so scary”. The water was coming inside the house because the roof was made of Zinc, therefore, as the wind become stronger that roof was moving to the point that one of the side was removed.
The only space that have the roof made of concrete was the bathroom, even though was little she told could accommodate everyone, which was exactly what happen. The old lady told her “listen you need to help me “ we all going into the bathroom for safety “,”let’s bring food ,lantern, batteries, a little radio, sheets, pillows” “We don’t know how long are we going to be here. The son told her” Mon but this bathroom is too tiny for us”she told him “I know this is just enough space for two people at the same time, however this was an
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