Personal Narrative: A Broken Foot And A Lost Soccer Tournament

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My Broken Foot and a Lost Soccer Tournament There we were, one minute left in the game and the score 1-1. I was falling off of the bench , and I wasn’t even playing. I was out because I broke my foot three hours before. It was the third game of the tournament in Cincinnati. The first half went by terse with my team up 3-1. When the second half started, me and all the other eight year olds went out to glistening green field. We played one of the best games we ever had. We ended up winning 4-1, but not after someone and I kicked the ball at the same time, breaking my foot. After the game was over, I went home for an hour or so, but my foot started to turn purple. We went to the hospital and the nurse was spurious that it was broken. She said
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