Personal Narrative: A Career As A Audiologist

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The term Audiologist refers to a person rather a professional that has specialized in treating

people that suffer with hearing loss. These professionals undergo extensive training to learn

the skills of evaluating the hearing of infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

 To find out the nature of a person’s hearing problem, audiologists conduct an

assortment of tests. Once they identify the source or cause of the hearing problem in

the patient, they prescribe a variety of treatments to the same so that the person

can start hearing.

 If the professionals find out that the hearing impairment in their patient is from birth

but can hear certain types of sound faintly, they are likely to fit a hearing aid in the

patient’s ear.

 Additionally, audiologists also arrange for hearing rehabilitation sessions. In this

program patients are trained to hear sounds and if they catch up with the training
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An audiologist needs a definite degree and years of experience to treat patients


An Audiologist is likely to have masters or doctoral degree from an accredited university and

they must undergo special trainings in identification, assessment, prevention, and non-

medical treatment in all types of hearing disorders.

 To become perfect at their work, the audiologists have to complete a full-time

internship in a hospital.

 It is only after gaining experience in the field of curing hearing disorders among

individuals, that the learner is certified as a complete Audiologist.

 It is by the virtue of their educational and professional certificate and license to be

an audiologist, that the professionals are considered to be eligible to perform hearing

tests, and provide medical treatment to bring about hearing capabilities among

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