Personal Narrative: A Career As A Basketball Coach

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There are different types of coaches in this world for instance you have Basketball coaches,Baseball coaches,Football coaches and etc. I would rather be a basketball coach because basketball is my favorite sport and I know a l0t about basketball. But different people want to coach different sports,everybody don't like the same sport.
How did I become interested in being a coach? I realized that I wanted to be a coach when I was a little boy watching TV on the couch. I used to love watching Lebron James on Tv but then I lost interest in watching him because he was getting boring so I starting watching Stephen Curry and he is pretty exciting to watch, every game he does something to excite his fans and I think to myself like what if I had the opportunity to coach someone like him, so that's what made me interested in coaching.
What I learned from researching is that there are no specific education requirements for high school coaches but most higher level coaches like college or NBA have a bachelor's degree in sports science, exercise, kinesiology, fitness, physical education or physiology. There isn't a
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I really have a coaching goal and that is to be the head coach of Team USA and coach the best of the NBA. That's what I plan to do when I graduate.
What I learned from creating the product is certain coaches have a warm-up plan before the games to get the players loose and stretched out. Another thing I learned is how you create a starting lineup and what players belong in what position.

I learned a lot of things about myself like how I really know more than I thought I knew about Basketball. I learned that I knew what a starting lineup is and what kind of plays to run and which person belong in which position. I also learned that I knew what plays are designed for which player and what that person supposed to do when he get the
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