Personal Narrative: A Career As A Family Therapist

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“Karen Salmansohn once said, ‘If I had never experienced the pain I’ve gone through, I never would have become who I am today.’’’ Being molested by a family member and taking care of my baby sister were some of the challenges I have to go through and learn from. Afterward these challenges will help me to pursue my professional goals, by providing equality service in those in need regardless of their sexual orientation, face, religion, financial status, and more. Growing up, I was molested by my uncle for 9 years. Every night, I was lying in bed with tears going down my cheeks because he would get under the blanket and touched me. My uncle threated me to kill my parents if I spoke to anyone about the molestation. When I was 13 years old, I confessed to my parents what my uncle was doing to me. Furthermore, it was challenging having to play the role of a mother for my little…show more content…
When a conflict arises between the client and me, as a Marriage and Family therapist will be directed to the mission and core values as a tool in making a decision. I will contribute to improve the service of the client within the context of the job. When providing services, I may need to explore the role of the person in detail. For example, the religion, sexual orientation, age, and any future results. Always focusing in the client: needs, healing process, and empowerment. I will always respect and recognize the hard work of my classmates. As a future professional therapist, we should support each other to provide a positive environment for the client and ourselves. These challenges showed me the importance of exploring the situation in depth and to develop strategies to resolve the problems. My personal challenges will contribute to my professional field by being a generalist therapist. Each day having new opportunities and experiences, through volunteering and by assisting to the program at Pacific Oaks
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