Personal Narrative: A Career As A Football Player

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The journey has come to an end, since the first day I ever put cleats on to play was one of the most amazing feelings ever. I couldn’t have been more blessed to the gamed of football. As a young child my dad always had me in that sport or doing something active as if it was cleaning the house or being outside with him or hanging out with friends around the neighborhood. When Odessa High let the freshman be a part of the football program, we were the first class to play as bronchos. I was a little disappointed to know I was going to be wearing red already instead of purple one last time. The first summer workouts came and I met so many new coaches and future teammates because all schools have finally combined so we will have a bigger roster and there was a little more competitive.
Although the following year was my first year playing on varsity and was way different as I walked in the locker room I seen a lot of new and older kids like seniors or juniors and I was nervous honestly. I didn’t know what to expect coming in knowing there’s a lot of older guys in there and things are different went it comes to being in the locker room.
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So every day goes by and I asked myself if I gave it all I got, going to high school and having fun is a great feeling, but going to high school and not caring about classes is feeling that makes you drown in a hole that you can’t escape, you always have to make sure your head is on the right path, cause if not, things won’t go the way they should and you might end up in the wrong place at the wrong
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